fully Decentralization banking

We have developed a state-of-the-art in banking through DLT the advent of digital assets lending, the utility of Crypto assets is significantly increasing, mainly crypto assets investors had two choices to hold their assets or trade them, they can now yield passive income and recieve credit both in fiat and crypto without initiating a taxable sale with us. These are substantial improvements for holders and institutional investors alike.

At the end, Our aim is to integrate all institutional investors and individuals including the unbank and the underbanked into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make transactioning, business, banking and investment truly efficient,fast, accessable transparent, and reliable.


Easy Credit Access

credit and lending are powerful financial primitives that open up a wide range of applications and benefits for businesses and users. Additionally, in the growing DeFi space, we have unlocked this primitive for permissionless and composable lending access at a cheap and optimized rates compared to traditional banks.

Enhance Profitability

Clients retain 100% ownership of their digital assets. Without the need to sell them, the borrowers now keep the full benefit from the assets' value appreciation and still enjoy short term income opportunities or meet their liquidity needs.

fast and convenient transactioning

Instant transactions no exchange fees, no cross boarder transaction fees, no tax liabilities. Access to cash conveniently anywhere in the world, allowing you to immediately meet your liquidity needs right in times of need.

DLT System

we are one of the few globally who provide an improved, direct analogue to the financial system when comparing lending returns to interest savings account. We provide 13% interest on savings for lending Crypto assets; in comparison, most savings accounts in South Africa provide less than 1% in return on the Rand.



Traditional Banking Flaws

Out Dated Rusty System.

Slow processing times and high fees remains a major disadvantage of traditional banking.

With traditional banks in order for you to get access to credit you first need to have a built credit history,Over 60% of south Africa's population that is denied access to credit.

obligation to visit branches for banking problems to be solved sometimes there is no help at all even at the branch.

real - time settlement, which is currently impossible due to the lack of fungibility between crypto assets and fiats currencies. There is an inevitable friction in converting back and forth, particularly given recent market volatility.

New Age of Digital Banking

inflation and lack of banking infrastructure override.

Noveltyinc users can enjoy Instant local and international transactions with no crypto exchange fees, no cross boarder transaction fees, no tax liabilities

our services accessible online 24/7 with no limitations no jurisdictional restrictions, Meaning wherever the internet can reach there we are also. Reaching the unbanked population

Noveltyinc business model brings the risks to zero for Global and Local Companies to transfer funds, by moving intercompany settlement into the blockchain ,corporations can save significant value.

Noveltyinc will offers blockchain loans that are 100% backed by digital assets with means no credit checks needed for a person to get access to our credit facility


noveltyinc will conduct a beta stage of our project soon after token sale succesful roand.

We focus on high level of Compliance through KYC & strict AML.

Easy to use Taken into account that the procedure of opening an account for the traditional banks is overcomplicated and can be refused without an explanation, using Noveltyinc you need approximately 5 minutes to create an account and immediately start to use it without any questions and commissions.

The interest of Financial institutions in reducing costs and customers desire to increase the speed of payments will push the maturing market to develop new , more convenient and easy to use interfaces to enable global crypto adoption.

One of the nation's largest banks, has begun working with the developer of the open internet protocol to create a blockchain-based system for making instant payments between bank branches. Additionally, banks like Barclays and UBS are working with blockchain startups through technology incubators and accelerators.

The current fragile traditional financial system is already driving avarage people's interest in digital assets.


Breakdown of our Token Recipients.

Start Time

30 Aug, 2020

Token Symbol


End Time

30 Sep, 2020

Tokens Offered

2,000,000 NVI

1st Soft Cap

85,000 USD

1st Hard Cap

2,000,000 USD

2nd Soft Cap

2 000 000

2nd Hard Cap

8 000 000


ICO Crypto is developing a global data-driven platform for the world. Powered by blockchain and smart contracts.


With help from our teams,we are looking forward to take this project to the next level.


Potential is a great part of our project success.

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Luciano Evans
litabe Macheli
Justin Eke
Ziggy Dlamini
Andile Shabalala
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Download the whitepaper and learn about ICO Token, the unique ICO Crypto approach and the team/advisors.

White Paper (2020)
Business Overview (2020)
Presentation (2020)
Presentation (2020)




Below we’ve provided a bit of ICO, ICO Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch.

What is Noveltyinc? Why is noveltyinc raising money through token sale

Noveltyinc is a crypto bank that uses the blockchain technology ( DLT ) and smart contracts to provide secure and efficient Financial services and As Noveltyinc we thought of a way to integrate a cryptocurrency into our project in a useful and meaningful way, and doing an initial coin Offering is one of the options we chose as a model to raise funds as it becomes an essential and integral part of the product.

You can purchase NVI tokens using over 6 payments methods: ETH, BTC, XRP, BITCOIN CASH, USDT, USDC, BNB, ZAR, USD, Bank EFT, Paypal.

You Can participate by Signing up with us, Going through KYC verification for Compliance purpose

NVI holders will recieve 32% Dividents of Noveltyinc overall yearly profit and exclusive offers on our services

What Do Regulators Say in South Africa?

the Crypto Assets Regulatory Working Group assigned by the south African reserve bank, on it's regulatory propositions paper and 30 recommendations, stated the following and I qoute " The need to develop a regulatory and policy response to crypto asset activities in South Africa is driven by the fact that Crypto assets are a form of fintech innovation that may potentially impact on the financial sector of the country, reshaping and improving financial Services and products with an associated disruptive effect on financial markets and current non decentralized institutions"

The advent of regulatory acceptance towards crypto assets recognizing them as official financial services is setting a precedent within the crypto community. Perhaps it is not too suprising that the regulators are seeing the need for an alternative to tired legacy systems and allowing a room for emerging assets class Which is where Noveltyinc comes in.

The interest of Financial institutions in reducing costs and customers desire to increase the speed of payments will push the maturing market to develop new , more convenient and easy to use interfaces to enable global crypto adoption Which will drastically change the way financial services are conducted

Living in the digital age ,we are about to experience the advent of Noveltyinc which will further lead us into a cash less society. in 2020 getting a cheque account became as easy as Downloading an app. Noveltyinc is the next level of digital assets development industry, with the most sophisticated and powerful products that a DLT network can offer, by providing new convenient interfaces packed in cutting edge concept technology solutions.

What problems is noveltyinc solving for international companies?

One of the main problems in the traditional banking industry is that Global corporations like Air France spend 100 basic points of direct commissions (for intermediates and banks fees ,IT consulting services e.tc) and indirect cost (personnel e.tc) for global settlement between its subsidiaries in different countries.The top level, Noveltyinc business model brings the risks to zero for Global and Local Companies to transfer funds, by moving intercompany settlement into the blockchain ,corporations can save significant value.

there is little wonder that payment processing tends to be outdated , as the whole process is clunky and opaque . As a result ,acquirers charge up to 10% fees and settle money in up to three months moreover ,acquisition costs can be a significant margin drag for merchants all over the world, hospitality and the tourism industry suffers greatly due to narrowing margins ,heavy competition and unexpected crises such as the current covid-19 pandemic, While the excessive commissions continue to stifle micro business

A virtual currency's rule to disrupt or add significant value to a proposition must improve user interface and costs ,not just double the company's value all these inefficiencies have been obliterated due to the introduction of new services.

The extensive architecture of global payment systems of the traditional banks is full of drawbacks , cross border operations involves the participation of more than one correspondent banks, making it more complex and inefficient to do international transactions resulting on days long to process. With noveltyinc You can enjoy Instant and Commissionless Unlimited Number of transactions – You can pay to anyone, anywhere and any amount. so you can make transfers anywhere in the world wherever the internet is.

Is noveltyinc affected by Covid-19 how safe are my funds?

As a natively digital business we have been able to continue normal operations in decentralised mode, we are not affected by Covid-19, We are still launching new products, and clients can onboard digitally or access our services through our web app.

Cryptocurrencies, by their very nature, are global and therefore not confined by the same jurisdictional or geographic restrictions as fiat currency. Noveltyinc, in essence, sought to provide individuals the ability to be their own bank, devoid of intermediaries and third parties.

The DeFi world is almost as technologically advanced as the dollar, and when it is, there will be no one who will want to accept politically manipulable currencies like dollars anymore.

Noveltyinc is not turning to DeFi to replace the Fiat currencies, Instead, we are using DeFi to solve ever standing problems and helping people to avoid censorship; letting them fully own their assets; and build financial service without permission.

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