Frequently asked questions

Why Should I Buy NVI?

Decentralized exchanges are on the rise, government and hackers have set central exchanges under massive pressure resulting to an overwhelming shut down of central crypto exchanges each year while Decentralized exchanges thrive and thereby the NVI token should continue to quickly increase in value for the foreseeable future.

How to receive and send tokens?

To receive and perform operations with Noveltyinc tokens, it is sufficient to have any interface to the Ethereum blockchain with support of ERC20 tokens. These are, and others. If Noveltyinc is not displayed among the assets on the selected website, it needs to be added to the balance from the list of available tokens. If NVI is absent in the list of additional tokens, it needs to be added to this list manually. To do that, press the Add Custom Token (or Add Token) and then fill in the fields as follows (they can be located in any order):

  • Contract Address (or Token Contract Address, or simply Address): 0xC29C836A899e002F4F30f97b8ee21180836c404C
  • Symbol (or Token Symbol): NVI
  • Decimals (or Decimals of Precision, or Decimals Places of Smallest Unit): 16
  • Token Name (or Name), if such field is present: NVI (or NoveltyincToken, as you wish)

The fields can be located in any order. Some of the fields may be absent.

Centralized services supporting any ERC-20 standard tokens, or CRPT tokens specifically, are simpler to use. These are, and others.

My address for ETH and address for NVI coincides – is this normal?

Yes, this is possible. Because the Ethereum cryptocurrency and the NVI tokens work on the same technology – on Ethereum blockchain.

What is an Early Bird Reward?

Early Bird Reward is Noveltyinc rewarding program it is designed to reward users for active participation, this program replaces token sale as it is mainly designed to promote and also fundraise for the project in exchange token buyers are rewarded for partaking in support of the project.

How to participate on the Early bird reward

You can login to your noveltyinc account and make a purchase, As the early bird reward replaces token sale, participation to this program will only be between 30 November to 30 december 2020, all tokens purchased during this period are automatically enrolled under early bird reward. participants will then receive 1600% APY Base on the number of tokens they hold

I sent tokens to a wrong address. What should I do?

Unfortunately, no one will be able to help you in this situation. One of the features of blockchain transactions is unalterability of operations, i.e., their irreversibility. It is impossible to change or cancel transfer of tokens. The most that you can do is to try to find and get in touch with the owner of the address to which the funds were sent. Please be careful!

What will happen when all the tokens are "burned"?

This is either unachievable or it will happen in a very, very long time from now. Tokens are burned only by their holders themselves. And it's unlikely that users will wish to voluntarily devoid themselves of their funds. Some services (for example, noveltyinc) also burn their tokens according to certain logics (being, in a similar manner, their holders). However, they are buying NVIs for the purpose of burning on the free market. And, the more expensive a token is, the less need there is for burning it.

For example, commission tokens are burned, and a token costs $1. This means that 5 tokens will need to be burned for a commission of $5. Then the token price will go up to $5, and then only 1 token will be sufficient for burning the same commission of $5. And so on. The fewer tokens there are remaining, the more value it gains thus noveltyinc will greatly reduce the amount of circulation.

Holders of the "last" NVIs on the market will possess the most valuable digital assets.

I want NVI tokens to appear on a new exchange. How can this be done?

Any exchange can deploy Noveltyinc tokens on its site. The exchange does not require anyone's consent to that. Simply ask your favorite exchanges to list NVI tokens.

There may be fraud occurrences with Noveltyinc tokens! Please exercise caution! Find out more