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Registration number: 201711757307


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After smart contract launching in blockchain and execution of all programmed commands in it, which do not allow cancellation of effect (completion of token issuance and activation), Noveltyinc project is fully Decentralized the Value of NVI is determined by noveltyinc community activities, Noveltyinc and It's represantives in the event of any loss of value or assets shall and will not be held liable, the responsibility and any liability fully lies upon the token holder. Today, each token holder has the same amount of rights and capabilities of impacting the smart contract as the smart contract creator, smart contract owner or the primary distributor of tokens on this smart contract. It is impossible to stop or change functioning of the tokens. It is impossible to mint or mine new tokens. It is impossible to perform an operation with their tokens for a token holder. It is impossible to force a token holder to perform any action. It is impossible to deanonymize a token holder against their wish. The number and composition of token holders are constantly changing due to market openness. Thus, the full decentralization principle has been implemented on Noveltyinc digital asset. This is why a non-commercial initiative group under conventional name of Noveltyinc Business Development, Sales and Marketing Team (Noveltyinc BDSM Team) has been organized for supporting the tokens. If you wish to join this group, please describe how you can help Noveltyinc to

There may be fraud occurrences with Noveltyinc tokens! Please exercise caution! Find out more